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Vox AC30 is one of Britain's most popular guitar amplifiers. The AC30 has produced some of the great guitar tones that have shaped Rock and Roll over the last 40 years. This is a milestone for an amp that has remained almost exactly as it was designed in the mid fifties. A special creative force was unleashed during the end of the fifties and throughout the sixties in the design of electric guitar amplifiers. With the VOX AC30's cathode bias arrangement and blend of Super Efficient Alnico speakers, created by Celestion especially for VOX, this amp gives more punch and tone with excellent harmonic content then full stacks of amps would yield at full volume!

Vox amp
Vox AC30
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This amp is very guitar sensitive. Different guitars will yield almost completely different sounds not having adjusted the volume or tone controls on the AC30 itself. This is due to the simplicity of the wonderful amp.

AC30 chassis

The AC30 has an all tube design if built from the JMI era. The fact that the amp is constructed with glass audio valves gives it the special character tube guitar amps are well known for. This all Valve design is intensified with the Cathode bias arrangement in the output tube section. Cathode bias is a method in which the vacuum tube is set to a fixed idle current that allows the tube to operate without a negative bias voltage. This is a reflection on the simplicity the Vox AC30 amp was designed with.

The AC30 operates in the class A region when played within overload ranges. This class A region allows the tube to amplify the full sine wave without crossover distortion or unwanted odd harmonics. The cathode bias and class A feature of the amp give rise to a "chiming" tone property that has been associated with AC30's unique sound. These features also account for the increase in even harmonic content the AC30 produces. Even harmonics are fundamentally pleasing to the Human ear. This accounts for the seemingly "sweet sounding" tone that is found with the AC30. It would be bold to say that an out of tune guitar would sound good through an AC30 but this is not to far off. Because the guitar is a temper tuning it greatly enhances the instrument if the EVEN HARMONICS are emphasized rather then the ODD harmonics.

One of the advents of the Electric Guitar and its electric amplifier is a property I call the "Electronic Harmonic" Because the varying degree of vibrations are created from the electric guitar string a wide variety of frequencies will be generated. This will be enhanced when the guitar is played and all strings are vibrating harmoniously giving off a great number of even harmonics. Add to this the texture of the electric transformation that is attained in the guitar amplifier and you will have a new Harmonic that did not exist. This is most definitely the case when "Harmonic distortion" is generated. This is better known as clipping the sine wave into a square wave thus producing an exponential number of harmonic frequencies. When the AC30 is driven into "Over Load" there is a great deal of harmonic layering occurring within the amplifiers valves. With the Vox AC30's Class A operation the amp will be extremely dynamic. The transient response is exceptional.

The VOX AC30, Don't leave home without it!
Vox Speakers '62 AC30

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